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Dream. Plan. Live. “Get to Know an Enabler…”

Published December 15, 2013
Written by: Cody Sowers

When I first moved to the Cincinnati area, outdoor gear stores were few and far between. Big box stores littered the outer belt, and only a couple “real” gear stores existed in between. That all changed in 2010 when Roads Rivers Trails opened their doors, and they have been inspiring everyone with adventure ever since.

Walking through the doors, you are smacked in the face with gear. High tech clothing, a variety of canoes and kayaks, packs, shoes and more. There is even a replica Appalachian Trail shelter, of course, stuffed with quality gear.

If the gear was not enough for you, what sets this store apart from the rest is the ambience. These folks know what they are talking about, and they do not just talk about it, they do it! You will be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable and experienced group of individuals that are this well versed in outdoor gear and adventure.

If you are in the market for anything related to the great outdoors, or just want to pick the brains of some gear heads, make the trip to RRT which is conveniently located in downtown Milford. Be sure to also check out their website to stay in the loop with their different hike/gatherings/presentations.

Get Outside Cincinnati!

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